Being A Parent Is Hard Work!

Sleepless nights, breastfeeding, pumping, bathing, looking after toddlers and young children, cooking, cleaning the house, laundry…the list goes on and on. A night nanny/doula can help you get the rest you need so you have the energy to help your family during the day. Some people have a medical condition that requires you to sleep all night without interruptions. We understand this. We provide exceptional care for your newborn so you can peacefully rest knowing your baby is well taken care of. All of our night nanny’s / doula’s are Certified to work with infants and new parents. They have their vulnerable sector police record check, their infant CPR Certification, and they are fully insured to work in your home.

Here’s how our night doulas can help you:

  • We can help you get an uninterrupted night, or minimal interrupted night sleep if breastfeeding, so you have the energy you need to support your family during the day.
  • We can support you with all aspects of infant feeding, whether it’s exclusive breastfeeding, or a combination of pumping and formula feeding.
  • We provide professional, non-judgmental informational support related to all aspects of maternal recovery and normal infant development.

Our Night Doulas can help first time parents feel CONFIDENT, CONTENT and WELL RESTED.

Rates starting at:

  • Minimum of seven hours per night.