You have so many questions, and we want to assure you that hiring a doula can still provide you with the emotional and informational support you need during this time of crisis.   During these uncertain times we want to provide our clients with “flexible care” to ensure that you are still supported during COVID-19.  If you choose our “Virtual Package” you will have the option to switch over to our regular package should our situation change.  This option provides you with:

  • Flexibility to change to one of our regular plans
  • Emotional Support to help keep you calm and relaxed
  • Informational support. A dedicated doula to answer all your questions
  • Help preparing your partner to be the best support person possible
  • An on-call doula to provide you with virtual labour support at home prior to going to the hospital
  • A postpartum follow up to answer all your breastfeeding, mother recovery and baby questions you might have.


As Labour Doulas, we can help you unravel the web of options.  We will provide you with evidence-based research to help you make informed decisions.  We will provide non-judgmental emotional support throughout your pregnancy and labour, and physical support throughout your labour and birth.  We will empower and work with your partner ensuring you have the best support team possible.  Our Doulas work for you alongside your health care providers, (either your Midwife, Nurse or Doctor), in your home, in the hospital of your choice, or at a birthing centre to provide you with exceptional care.  After your baby’s birth we visit you at home to support you with breastfeeding and answer any questions you might have about your labour and your precious newborn.